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A badly injured kitten found crying for life after crawling into a Kent garden with horrific wounds has shown himself to be a little fighter, a national cat charity has said.

Bandit, as he has been named by his rescuers, needed urgent medical attention after a couple heard ear-piercing cries coming from their front garden in Bobbing Hill, late one night.

CCTV footage showed the kitten dragging himself into the garden, crying in what must have been dreadful pain with such awful injuries.

What the couple saw was shocking; the tiny mite was in a pitiful state, unable to walk with a severely infected rear end and what appeared to be a broken leg and damaged tail. They immediately called Cats Protection’s Swale Branch, who rushed to the scene.

While it is unknown how this kitten came to be in the area, it is clear that the quick response of his finders and the cat carers who responded to the call probably saved his young life.

Cat welfare volunteer Danielle Hoynes was first on the scene. She scooped up the kitten and ferried him to Newnham Court Veterinary Hospital. The vet team removed the maggots from his wounds, which were thoroughly washed and treated. They made the kitten, believed to have been aged around ten weeks old at the time, as comfortable as possible.

Kim Braysher, Welfare Team Leader at Cats Protection’s Swale Branch, said: “His strength and personality are incredible. He’s so loving and trusting despite what he’s been through. He is the most delicious kitten we’ve ever met.

“We all love Bandit, he’s such a spirited boy. He’s just the cutest, bravest little kitten. He’s been the perfect patient, although he doesn’t like wearing his head cone.”

Vets have been impressed by Bandit’s recovery. His tail has been amputated, his rear leg has been fixed and, although he had an infection after the operation, his wounds are healing.

Treatment has been expensive and is not over yet, so Cats Protection’s Swale Branch has launched an appeal for Bandit to recoup some of the £3,000 costs and help them to care for more cats. Donations can be made at:

Kim said: “Bandit has a long road to travel and he is not yet ready to be homed, but we are hopeful that with good veterinary care he will be set up to lead a full and happy life. Everyone who meets him falls under his spell.”


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