Grooming a Long Haired Cat 101. This video is part 1 in a series of videos on cat care. Learn how to groom a long haired cat with ease!

A Heart’s Journey Series: Book 1: Heart’s Cry Trailer and sneak listen to chapter 4. Heart’s cry is a clean action romance novel between two intelligent doctors.

Lily Ann MacBride, an accomplished and respected OB/GYN, is forced to transfer from Seattle, Washington due to the jealousy of an overbearing boss. On arrival in Anchorage, Alaska, she meets a handsome rustic doctor, Clyde Nelson, who stirs up all kinds of emotions she would rather remained buried.

Both doctors find themselves captivated with each other, but are unwilling to let their guard down. Lily Ann’s internal battle with her own self-worth and personal acceptance, mixed with past rejections, prevents her from falling in love. Clyde, conversely, longs for a woman’s love, but needs to mentally and emotionally move on from his tragic past.

Can Clyde and Lily Ann overcome their barriers? Is true love right around the corner?

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