Today was our very first day back after 6 weeks closed for lockdown, and to say we were excited about seeing the dogs today, would honestly be a big giant understatement!

Rodney and Luke started the trip down to Sydney from the farm at 5am this morning. Rodney was feeling fresh and raring to go after a well deserved long break, and even though Luke was still on puppy duty many times through the night, he was feeling higher than ever, purely on the fact that in just a couple of hours, he was going to see all his best mates. This was the day we’d all been hanging out for!

The doggies had been told last week that today was the day and they’d all been counting down the sleeps. And so were we!

First stop Centennial Park!

Luke had butterflies in his tummy in anticipation, he and Rodney were there before the doggies had arrived. Then one by one they turned up and it was Joy watching them realise that yes, there was Rodney and the bus waiting for them to take them to the farm … and oh hang on a minute … that’s … UNCLE LUKE!!!!

It was excitement plus! Lots of licks, jumps, hugs and barking with joy! And that was just Uncle Luke! 😉 Seriously though It was hard to tell who was more excited, the dogs or Uncle Luke!

Bandit boy was picked up en route. He was happy to see Rodney pull in, and especially pleased to see his mate, Uncle Luke. There were what seemed, quite a few extra greys in our beautiful boy Bandit’s muzzle, and with recent news that his health had declined a little over the break, Bandit boy got the seat he so deserved on the trip up, front seat next to his Uncle Luke. Missed you buddy boy. He got all the head scratches he needed and in return, Uncle Luke got the Bandit face wash. What an honour.

Then it was on to the farm Rodney!

The dogs were quiet all of the way, until they exited the freeway. This is when they start to get a little excited. They know the farm is just around the corner. And as Rodney drove the bus closer to those gates, the level of excitement grew until he pulled into the driveway and the eruption was unanimous! We’re here!!

Let’s get this party started! And the party didn’t stop all day long. Everything was wonderful, we all smiled and laughed and loved every second of being back together.

We’d missed them, we knew we had, but we realised it really was more than we had thought.

The farm was back.

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