What a day! We pack so much into our farm days, this is almost a movie length feature 🤣 !! Grab some popcorn maybe?? 🙈

We welcomed two new pack members into our pack today. Gus the 6 month old Weimaraner and Daisy the 6 month old Standard Poodle.

Both Gus and Daisy had a great day! Gus immediately resonated with the energy of the pack, he was ready to have fun! He made pals with Gertie the Weimaraner who’s super fast zoomies were irresistible to not get involved too!

Daisy hasn’t had many social experiences, so spent some of her morning on lead to stay with the pack. It didn’t take long for Daisy to see the pack was only friendly and safe and so she was very happy to be a part of it all. Well done Daisy.

Gilbert started relocating Uncle Luke’s hat early in the day. Could his smile really get any bigger??

Uncle Luke hid in the bush, up a tree to be exact. There were some real contenders in the hunt to find him. We had a few Beagles, Gilbert surely could sniff that hat out anywhere … but who found Uncle Luke can you guess??

Dash our beautiful old girl GSP has finally found a squeaky toy she cannot destroy and her day was made. She carried it around all day incredibly happy.

Lunchtime, the doggies all had chicken together. The shelter dogs all got chicken too.

In the pool, Gilbert made us laugh with his hat antics. That all he wants is to make us laugh. What a wonderful soul he has right?!

There was one time, Uncle Luke went under tot he bottom to hide from Gilbert and if you watch the sideline, dear Lily the GSD becomes incredibly concerned for his welfare. Hard not to think of our beautiful boy Riker doing the exact same thing in his day.

Ziggy finally goes in for a swim with some encouragement, way to go Ziggy!

Yoyo meets the Friday pack. The shelter pack eat their delicious chicken. And we end the perfect day with Lucy’s beautiful puppies 😍

Have a wonderful weekend everyone ❤️

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