Sugar Glider Care was a requested video by my viewers. Please let me know if you have questions. I am pretty good at keeping up with the comments on the videos. Because sugar gliders are sensitive to light and are nocturnal, I was not able to have mine out during most of the video.

Here is the link for Safe foods for sugar gliders,

My sugar glider cage was custom built by my dad. There are three doors on the cage with a slide out tray on the bottom and the cage is on wheels. The dimensions for this cage is 22 in wide, 30 in long, and 76 in tall.

I showed my opossum’s cage in this video as well, as another great example of a sugar glider cage. This cage is a bird cage that is 13in wide, 25 in long, and 36 in tall. This is the smallest cage I would keep a pair of sugar gliders in and they would need a wheel.

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