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Please find below an entry in Purrsday Poetry by Martin H. Samuel:

In a race on the savannah

fleet of foot is the cheetah

at up to 75 mph

no animal can beat her

and with a top speed of 50 mph

lion is the second fastest cat


at 38 mph a leopard can’t change its spots

the lion can do that

cubs are born with them and later lose

to become lion spots have-nots

an ostrich third place will land

at up to 43 mph

if it takes its head out of the sand

tho’ cheetahs don’t have racing stripes

zebra do

(Burchell’s or Grévy’s)

but they’re no boon for at 40 mph

they’re only 10 mph ahead of a yellow baboon

however no matter how fast they all run

none can beat the speeding bullet

fired from the hunter’s gun

© 2021 Martin H. Samuel

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