Most dogs won’t hesitate if their humans are in danger, even if that means risking their own lives. Rocky, a 7-year-old Pit Bull mix, is called a hero after the lengths he went to when protecting his mom.

Mary Padres spotted a massive mountain lion in her back yard, which sent her running inside screaming. Yet, she didn’t have time to grab her two dogs. Despite being the smaller dog, Rocky launched himself at the mountain lion without hesitation. He came back in critical condition, but he survived the incident. His family is proud of him, but they desperately hope he makes a speedy recovery.

Dog after surgery

Determined Dog Won’t Rest

At around 8 pm, the mountain lion entered the family’s yard in La Verna, California. Padres said the feline stared right at her, causing her to scream and run inside. Her security cameras show her brave canine chasing the creature after seeing his mom’s fear.

“He was literally right here looking at me and I got freaked out and started screaming,” Padres said. “It was humongous, it was huge. It was very, very scary.”

Dog chases mountain lion security footage

Rocky chased the mountain lion off the property and up a hill behind the house. His family members were scared, but they grabbed flashlights and went to look for their dog. They knew it was risky with the big cat on the loose, but they needed to know their furry friend was safe.

They found Rocky bleeding on the hill, but the mountain lion was nowhere in sight. The rescue dog had puncture wounds all over his body, including one on his head that Padres believes went all the way to his brain or skull. The family carried the canine back inside and rushed him to the vet.

Dog holding tennis ball

A Hero’s Road to Recovery

Rocky survived the traumatic incident, but he needed 30 stitches. He has patches of missing fur all over his body where vets needed to shave for surgery. The family created a GoFundMe page to help raise money for his costly medical bills.

“Rocky was protecting us,” Padres said. “[He’s] absolutely a fighter. He owns up to his name for sure.”

Family with hero dog

Another mountain lion was seen twice about two miles away, and Padres is sure it’s the same one. Anyone that sees a mountain lion in their yard should call authorities.

Mountain lions rarely attack dogs unless the canines show aggressive behaviors toward the wild animals. So, experts urge dog parents not to leave their dogs outside alone at night. Rocky was lucky to survive, but Padres hopes no other dogs have to go through a similar situation.

Watch the Security Footage Here:

Featured Image: Facebook

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