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I’ve long been a fan of Megan Lynn Knott. Her delightful watercolor illustrations of cats just make me happy. Her Cat Tarot deck combines Megan’s unique way of depicting the feline spirit with the classic cards. Megan’s new book, Pawmistry: Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe with Cats highlights the true magic of cats.

From the publisher:

Pawmistry is a tongue-in-cheek guide to the feline oracle and the supernatural signs your cat may leave behind. Written and illustrated by the beloved creator of Cat Tarot Megan Lynn Kott, this playful and informative book offers instruction in a number of types of divination to practice with your cat, where messages and portents may be delivered by scattered cat toys, particular tail positions, and sleeping on your face. What does that barf in your shoe really mean? You may even consider learning the dark magic of their litterbox leavings (if you dare).


There’s so much to love about this book. For starters, the illustrations are just beautiful. The book will have you chuckling as you try to follow the instructions on how to get your cats to reveal the future. From how to determine whether your cat is a mystical guide to common tail configurations and what they mean to the dark art of litter box scrying, you’ll see your feline companions in a whole new light.

The chapter on ailuromancy (I had to look it up, it’s actually a thing: according to Wikipedia, it means divination using cats’ movements or jumps to predict future events, especially the weather) explores the meaning of the slow blink and beyond. We all know that a slow blink is a cat’s way of saying I love you, but do you know what it means if your cat winks at you with her left or right eye?


The book includes write-in pages to record your cat’s messages from the universe, and a removable, fold-out Feline Divination Board will allow you to take your cat’s predictions for the future to the next level.

I’ve read through this little book several times by now, and I discover new and delightful things each time. I’ve always felt that Allegra was a wise old soul, but I never thought she could predict the future. A few sessions with the Feline Divination Board have started to change my mind about that…


This book will make a wonderful treat for you, and a purrfect gift for the cat lovers (and witches) on your gift list.

Pawmistry is available from Amazon.


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  1. Thanks so much for posting this book review. I took a look at the table of contents on Amazon. Megan Lynn Kott’s illustrations are perfect. This would make a great gift for any cat lover.

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