George, a paraplegic cat, is putting us all to shame on just two paws. In a new viral video posted by the impressive feline’s parent, George proves that disability does not mean inability.

At just a little over one year old, George, a ginger tabby, is an internet inspiration. Before that, though, he was orphaned as a kitten due to the immobility of his hind legs.

(Stock Picture Credit: Kamila Kozioł/Getty Images)

Some lucky human, however, who is left anonymous in both the video and in Newsweek’s report, saw George as a cat in need of love. And thank goodness for that, because George had a calling ahead of him.

Bound and determined not to let his difficult upbringing define his story, George developed an impressive ability to get around on his front two legs.

‘Rocket Man’ George Demonstrates His Talent

@twopaw.driveGeorge the rocket man #fyp #fypシ #georgethecat #adoptme #catsoftiktok original sound – george

Introduced to the world by his parent on TikTok, George’s unique ability has been liked over 4 Million times and has received over 300,000 shares.

Within the clip shared on the account, quite clever, George is put to task.

His human drops a kitty treat for him in one room of their apartment, then quickly makes haste to a room positioned on the opposite side. With the cup of treats still in-hand, George’s companion gives it a little shake, and in dashes George, with lightning speed — on two legs!

Of course, George is then rewarded for his fine demonstration of talent.

The caption for the video reads, “George the rocket man.”

This Paraplegic Cat Lives a Mostly Normal Life

Mar Vista Animal Center told Newsweek that “spinal damage leading to rear leg paralysis is not an uncommon problem in pets.” They do have “special management needs” for urination and cleanliness but can otherwise live very normal lives.

For instance, George is unable to use the standard little box. Instead, he uses a cat nappy that his human changes around three to four times per day.

Lucky for George, he seems to have a committed parent who takes care of him.

Mar Vista further conveyed that caring for a paraplegic cat can be a very rewarding experience — just as much, if not more so, as caring for a cat without disability.

If you would like to follow along with George’s adventures, you can do so via his TikTok or his Instagram. He puts on quite the show!

Do have a paraplegic cat like George at home? Do you find it to be a rewarding experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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