NOV 8, 2021: Georgia gave birth to four beautiful type mismatched kittens yesterday! We are counting the minutes until they can be reunited with their mama after a life-saving 24 hours of Neonatal Isoerythrolysis intervention.

Georgia’s pregnancy was quite risky, as she has a significantly enlarged heart AND type B blood. The type B blood means her kittens were at risk for a fatal condition called Neonatal Isoerythrolysis (NI), thought to be one of the leading (but preventable) causes of Fading Kitten Syndrome.

Our amazingly dedicated team has been taking turns sleeping at HQ for the last 10 days to make sure someone would be there to assist Georgia and prevent Neonatal Isoerythrolysis from happening to the kittens.

It’s a good thing they did, because all four kittens have type A blood, which means none would have been likely to survive longer than a week. Our hearts break for Georgia, who has had to repeat this cycle of pregnancy and loss over and over again for her entire life. It has been agonizing to see how desperately she wants to be with her babies, and to have to keep them separated in order to save their lives. We can’t WAIT to reunite them and see Georgia finally get to see her kittens grow up.

Kittens were named according to a mushroom theme, inspired by the adorable mushroom scratcher in the room. 😀
1. Panther boy – Button
2. Black and white tuxie boy – Puffball
3. Grey and white tuxie boy – Toad
4. Black and white tuxie boy – Enoki

Georgia is our FOURTH type B pregnant cat in a row, which is statistically mind-blowing to us. Research has shown between 1% and 4% of cats in the US and various cities in Canada have type B blood, however a whopping 33% of our pregnant cats (from vastly different locations) since 2019 have had type B blood.

While our numbers aren’t likely to accurately reflect the cat population at large, they do make us wonder how many kittens are being unknowingly lost to NI because no one blood types because no one thinks it’s a big enough risk to justify the extra expense (which is totally reasonable, given available research).

All of this hardship could have been avoided if Georgia had been spayed earlier in her life. Thankfully, she will never have to go through this again, as she and her kittens will all be spayed, neutered and adopted into the loving homes they deserve. 🥰💝

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