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Thursday is Thanksgiving in the United States and it’s time for my annual tradition of making a “Thanksgiving ABC’s” list. I maintain a gratitude practice every day, but I still love doing this list every year. Some of the items repeat year after year, others are new. Here’s this year’s list:

A: Allegra

B: Baking. I’m looking forward to starting my holiday baking this week.

C: Cake – because, when all else fails, cake always makes things better.

D: Decorating for the holidays. I’m getting an early start again this year and I’ll probably keep everything up much longer than I normally do. I’m all about adding as much light and joy to life as possible right now.

E: Eating out. I missed that so much during 2020, and while I’m still not comfortable with indoor dining, I took advantage of the warmer months and returned to many of my favorite restaurant patios.

F: Friends.

G: Gingerbread. But not just any gingerbread, it has to be the German kind.

H: Health. Never more so than these last two years.

I: The Internet. Because really, could you even imagine live without it?

J: Jeans

K: Kindness

L: Laundry. Yes, I actually enjoy doing laundry. There’s something zen to me about folding and putting stuff away. Bonus: Allegra loves to play in the laundry basket.

M: Meditation – it’s been a lifesaver most of my life, but especially during these trying times.

N: Netflix.So much good stuff to watch!

O: Oranges, and Clementines. I’m obsessed with citrus fruit in the winter months and add them to my salads almost every day.

P: Prime, as in Amazon Prime. Also a repeat, but as someone who loathes running errands, Amazon makes my life so much easier and saves me so  much time, so thank you Amazon and all your employees who work so hard to make life easier for me.

Q: Queen (the band)

R: Ruby – for the love and light she brought into my life for nine years. I miss you so much, baby girl.

S: Summer. While I enjoy all four seasons, I will always be a summer girl.

T: Torties!

U: Uplifting books, TV shows and movies. Now more than ever.

V: Veterinarians and veterinary staff, for all they do to make cats’ lives better. An extra thank you for working under incredibly stressful conditions throughout this pandemic.

W: Women’s Meditation Network – a repeat from last year as well. I discovered Katie Krimitsos in March of 2020, and have been doing at least one of her meditations every single day.

X: X-mas. Even though I’m not crazy about this abbreviation of Christmas, I can never think of anything else that starts with X, and I do love Christmas.

Y:  You, our Conscious Cat readers. Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing. We’re so grateful you’re part of our community.

Z: Zen – a state I strive for, but rarely achieve.

What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving?

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