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THE NEXT star of Dark Dynasty K9s isn’t quite as big as Hulk, but his mischievous personality more than makes up for his lack of size. Bruno is a two-and-a-half-month old puppy who has captured the heart of DDK co-owner Marlon. When he isn’t taking bites during executive protection training, Marlon can be found showering Bruno with affection. DDK co-owner and Marlon’s wife, Lisa, said: “Bruno is our special puppy. Marlon goes on and on about how he’s the cutest puppy he’s ever seen and he’s so adorable.” Marlon added: “Bruno is adorable. I really truly love dogs – that’s the problem. Once a dog weaves its way into my heart and we spend a little time together, someone could offer me 200 thousand, 300 thousand, a million and the dog will stay right where they are.” Recently Marlon and Lisa welcomed a large litter from two of DDK’s stars: dam Annabel and sire Netflix. Some of the pups will sell for as much as $45,000 while others will be sent to Marlon and Lisa’s franchise companies throughout the US. But it’s Bruno, who was born to Rogue and Amazon a day before the latest litter, that has secured his place at DDK by charming the entire family. Marlon said: “When you single out a dog that early on, they can cause problems among the pack because they have a different mentality and I’m guilty of that with Bruno. So now he is a little bit of a gremlin. But my plan is to make him a quality respectable dog just like the rest of them.” Much of Marlon’s love for Bruno is due to the courageous pup having to overcome a horrifying start to his life. When he was just two weeks old, Marlon and Lisa noticed something was off with Bruno and took him to the vet where they were told he had a curved spine and had broken two of his ribs after his mother accidentally laid on him. At the time, the vet recommended Bruno be put down as he would experience extreme discomfort and pain as he continued to grow. But Marlon and Lisa decided to see how he developed and were happy to see Bruno go from strength to strength – defying the vet’s prognosis. Eight weeks after his visit to the vet, Bruno is thriving. Marlon said: “He’s defied everything we were told. He’s not in pain in any way – he’s a little psycho.” Lisa: “He’s gone through many growth spurts and he’s never had any signs of pain. He just got better and better and now he doesn’t stop.”

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Videographer: Marcus Cooper, Joe Roberts
Producers: Joe Roberts, Ruby Coote
Editor: Garry Sykes

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