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AN INCREDIBLE bond between a 10-year-old and his executive protection dog has been a long time in the making. Since he was a toddler Jordan Grennan has been training with one of the stars of Dark Dynasty K9s – Hulk’s son, Kobe. Almost a decade later, Jordan displays truly remarkable control over Kobe, despite the dog vastly outweighing his young trainer. DDK owner and Jordan’s dad, Marlon, said: “I’ve spent a lot of time working with Kobe and Jordan so they have the bond they have. The dog outweighs him by four times but his command over Kobe is there and he’s very confident.” Jordan is able to command Kobe to attack and even call the dog off in the split second before he bites, with Kobe obeying every command. Jordan’s mum, Lisa, said: “It’s really great to see the relationship that has built between Jordan and Kobe. I know Kobe would go to the end of the earth for him. He would jump in front of a bullet for him. He would die for him, honestly.” Kobe and Jordan recently showed off their skills with a special exercise where Marlon and his team tried everything to distract the dog during protection training while Jordan tries to maintain control. Throughout the exercise, which involved throwing hundreds of tennis balls to distract Kobe, the dog and his young trainer stayed completely focused. Marlon said: “The key to having an executive dog is that they’re able to go through life day to day – they can’t be a rogue dog. I can interact with Jordan, I can shake his hand, I can hug him. As long as I’m not crossing the line of being violent, that’s when Kobe is going to pursue me. Overall I’m very happy with them. It’s my hope that, ‘like father like son’, and as of right now that looks pretty good.”

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Videographer: Marcus Cooper, Joe Roberts
Producers: Joe Roberts, Ruby Coote
Editor: Garry Sykes

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