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When I started The Conscious Cat on March 1, 2009,  I really didn’t know what I was doing. I had finished writing Buckley’s Story: Lessons from a Feline Master Teacher, and as a first time author, I knew I needed to do something to “build a platform.” Back then, authors were told to start a blog – so I started a blog. Obviously, I knew I was going to write about cats, but beyond that, I didn’t have much of a plan. I certainly never thought that The Conscious Cat would grow into what it has become: a trusted resource for cat parents around the world looking for solid information about feline health, nutrition, behavior and so much more.

I used this photo of Amber for the first ever post on The Conscious Cat, titled “Amber is on a diet.”

More importantly, The Conscious Cat grew into a community. Since March 1, 2009, we have brought you 4,690 new posts. More than 100,000 comments are a testament to the strength of this community.  And with more than 20 million page views, our site keeps reaching an ever-growing audience of cat lovers who want the best for their feline family members.

Our community extends beyond just this website to our Facebook page and Instagram. Both attract cat lovers who enjoy sharing their love for cats with a group of like-minded people every day. Social media may have its drawbacks, but it’s truly wonderful when it creates thriving communities like this one.

Various headers over the years

Over the years, I’ve been approached by various interested parties about selling The Conscious Cat. Up until recently, I could have never even conceived of considering this, but sometimes, an opportunity presents itself that is too good to turn down.

Sweet Buckley. This photo of my happy girl became the cover of Buckley’s Story.

Changes coming to The Conscious Cat

As of tomorrow, The Conscious Cat will be under new ownership.

This was not an easy decision for me. I’ve built this website into what it is now over the past 13 years, but it was always so much more than just a business. Aside from my books, the content on The Conscious Cat represents my entire body of work, except for the articles I wrote for magazines or other websites. It also became a chronicle of my life with my cats. Thinking about letting all that go was difficult, to put it mildly.

And yet, I felt that this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I had been thinking about slowing down a little. Posting new content seven days a week for 13 years, no matter how much I loved doing it, was not always easy. And unlike other offers I’ve had in the past, this one leaves me confident that my work, and by extension, all of you, will be in good hands. The new owners’ vision is to become the most helpful pet company in the world. I believe that under their curation, The Conscious Cat will reach an even wider audience, which, in turn, will help even more cats. You’ll continue to find all the content you’ve come to rely on over the years at

A heartfelt thank you all of you

None of this would be possible without all of you. Words cannot convey how grateful I am to all of you for all the years of reading, subscribing, commenting, and emailing me to let me know how something I posted helped your cats. Leaving you, my community, in good hands, was first and foremost on my mind as I went through the decision process.

My precious Ruby, gone too soon

A new beginning: Purrs of Wisdom

As I went through the decision process and the negotiations, I realized that there were some things about The Conscious Cat that I would never want to let go of, specifically Allegra’s World, Ruby’s Reflections, the Sunday columns, and some other, very personal pieces. All of these posts will reside on my new website, Purrs of Wisdom with Ingrid King. We’re currently putting the finishing touches on it and it will go live very shortly.

I’ll continue to write about feline health, nutrition, and behavior and introduce you to and review new products on Purrs of Wisdom. You’ll still hear from Allegra. I’ll still share memories of Ruby. You’ll continue to get the Sunday quotes.

If you are already an email subscriber, you will automatically continue to receive updates from me from Purrs of Wisdom, and I hope you will continue to be part of my community.

You will not be automatically subscribed to the new email newsletter. If you would like to receive updates from The Conscious Cat – and I encourage you to do that! – you’ll need to subscribe to their email newsletter here.

The Conscious Cat will continue to exist on and on Facebook, but also under new ownership. I will build a new community on my Purrs of Wisdom Facebook page and I hope you’ll join me there

If you’re following me on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest, the only things that will change are the names of the accounts. You don’t need to do anything other than keep following.

I’m excited about sharing Purrs of Wisdom with you, and at the same time, I’m looking forward to watching how the new owners will grow what I created 13 years ago so that even more cats and their humans can live happy, healthy lives.

86 Comments on A Farewell and a New Beginning

  1. I am in shock (were you not able to provide people with notice?). I’ve read through many of the comments and I feel like a terribly selfish person – am I the only one who feels sad/blindsided by this announcement? I can’t imagine my life without your column/newsletter/blog. I’m just like a cat and dislike change (I also have kidney disease). I am not on Facebook because I don’t want my personal information sold for advertising dollars and I always feel like I’m in the minority and don’t understand why more people are not concerned about this. I saw that you said “website” in a few places so hopefully you have a new website and not just a Facebook page. So many places are giving up their website and are only on Facebook. Congratulations on your achievement.

  2. The Conscious Cat has been a part of my life for so long I’ve lost track. While today’s post was a shock I’m so happy for you moving on to a new endeavor; change can be good! Thankfully you will still be with us through Purrs of Wisdom and I so look forward to getting my first post from you.

    I know you made sure Conscious Cat would be in good hands. I did sign up for the new site while being totally glad to know I can still access the old posts as I’ve bookmarked a few to get back to in the future.

    This definitely will be a win-win for us cat lovers–we’ll have you at a new home and still have the Conscious Cat with new people. Yes, change can be good especially when we still get your Sunday posts!! Congratulations on working all this out!!

    • I’m so happy that you’re going to continue to use the Conscious Cat as well as Purrs of Wisdom!

    • Good luck, Ingrid.
      I have really enjoyed your site.
      I am sorry to see you leave, but congrats to you.
      I will follow you and sign up for the new Conscious Cat.
      Thanks for your wisdom all of these years.

  3. Oh my gosh, Ingrid! This is definitely a big day for you and a huge change in your life! I remember when you got Buckley’s Story published and began Conscious Cat. It seems like just yesterday, not 13 years ago. You were able to transition your love of cats into a career that helped so many of us. Lobo and Cougar loved your visits and Reiki treatments so many years ago. And my grandnieces enjoyed the cat books you reviewed too. Let’s make time to get together for lunch soon and catch up.

  4. Congratulations Ingrid and Allegra!
    So glad to see more doors opening and a new beginning for you . But I have to admit Boo and I will miss your daily posts in my emails. I always look forward to them and read your Sunday quotes out loud to my 2 boys Rocky &Boo. I still do for Boo and I’m sure Rocky’s spirit can still hear it, too.
    I will definitely switch over to your new Facebook page to keep in touch. And I’ll give the new ConsiousCat a try, but know it won’t be the same without you.
    Thank you with purrs and meows
    From me, Boo, and Rocky’s spirit

  5. WOW, WOW, WOW!! You KNOW my response isn’t going to be traditional! While I am THRILLED for you (and will follow you ANYWHERE), I can’t help but shed a number of tears for the end of an era. You were one of the first cat bloggers I met (both online and in person). You have been a constant in my daily “cat world.” You have always been supportive, caring and your blog is one of just a few that I go to for TRUSTED information. While you may not know it, I learned sooooo much for you, I have always held you in the utmost esteem (and always will). Your thoughtfulness, friendship and caring when I lost my boys was something I will never forget. It is a GIVEN that I will follow your new site….(I begrudgingly signed up for emails from the new site….hey! You know me!! lol!!) I only signed up because you asked us to lol!!!! You are a gem in every sense of the word. I am EXTREMELY HAPPY for you and will try not to be sad. I can only imagine how difficult it was to make such a hard decision. I guess I can assume that the people taking over are extremely special, if not, I know you wouldn’t have agreed to do this. Sending much love and my constant support now and always!! xoxo

    • Thank you so much, Caren! One of the many wonderful things coming from The Conscious Cat is the friendship with someone like you. Believe me, this is bittersweet for me, too. xoxoxo!

  6. Congratulations on your past, present, and future, Ingrid!
    Fresh beginnings can be scary, but so exciting! A new chapter of experiences and growth, making the world a better place for kitties and their humans. Thank you for all that you have done and will do, for all of us. We are looking forward to seeing your metamorphosis.
    Best wishes and nose taps!

  7. Congratulations Ingrid, I look forward to continue following you on your new site!

    Connie V

  8. exciting for you. I will look forward to reading about your continued journey.
    Thank you for all you have given us.
    I am not on Facebook, twitter. So I hope I want miss anyt hing

  9. Congratulations Ingrid! Life can really surprise you sometimes, right?

    I’ve followed you for a long time so I’m glad you will be continuing your writing. I always look forward to your Sunday quotes.

    The “Purrs of Wisdom” is such a great name! Happy days to you and Allegra and to a bright future.

  10. Dear Ingrid and Allegra, Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, all the previous comments! Can’t wait to hear the latest from Allegra..She always tickles me! Please give her hugs and kisses from me and all her fans! Best wishes!!

  11. Amber looks just like a tortie I lived with. Leathur. (sometimes “Leathur-boo”)

    Have bookmarked your new website. Much luck in your new endeavors!

  12. Dearest Ingrid,
    My goodness. I must say I was stunned to read your post. I am glad that you are moving forward & maintaining some of the special features of the original blog.
    I can only imagine how hard this was for you. Your impact was, and always will be a significant factor in the health & happiness of our precious kitties.
    I’ve learned so much from you. It made me a better cat mom .
    You supported me at the loss of my precious Squirt .
    You added humor & love to our days.
    I look forward to following your new endeavors.
    You are wise to move to a place in life where you can appreciate all that is possible.
    Thank you is simply not enough.

  13. Oh meWOW, and conCATSulations, Ingrid. Bittersweet, indeed, but I’m so very happy for you and know you’ll continue to positively impact cat lives in this next chapter.

    You, my dear, are what cat writing is all about. I am honored to know you. Karma-Kat and Seren-Kitty(rb) send gentle head-butts.

    • Thank you, Amy! That means so much coming from you. I was in such awe of you (and still am!) when I first met you at a CWA conference in 2009 (I think).

  14. Hi Ingrid
    Best wishes on your new Purrs of Wisdom. I am sure it will be wonderful and I will be sure to follow you. Thank you for all these years for The Conscious Cat, what a pleasure reading it every day. Good luck and all the best!

  15. Ingrid, you’ve done something wonderful in creating The Conscious Cat, and so many cats and cat owners are the better for the information you’ve presented so thoughtfully over the years. We’ve rejoiced with you over the great good things and mourned with you over the losses. And, of course, Phoebe, who is now a senior statescat at 16, thanks you for the opportunity of being a columnist that you gave her. We both look forward to your Purrs of Wisdom with Ingrid King!

  16. Wishing you all the very best! Thank you for the gift of your writing, it has been immensely informative and enjoyable!

  17. Dear Ingrid,
    Oh my gosh…BIG congratulations to you! Though bittersweet, this is such a wonderful opportunity for you that will continue to honor the incredible legacy you’ve worked so hard to create. I started blogging in June of 2009 and will always remember discovering your blog and then eventually meeting you at the conferences. I was star struck. You were (and still are!) the quintessential cat expert. I remembering how gracious and welcoming you were. You’ve provided me with so much advice and inspiration all these years. Much of what I’ve learned about cats has been from you and the pages of Conscious Cat.

    You’ve helped me to become a better cat guardian. I’m filled with love and gratitude for all you’ve given to me and so many and I look forward to joining your friends and readers as we become part of your Purrs of Wisdom community.

    Debbie, a.k.a Glogirly

    • Thank you for your beautiful words, Debbie. The combination of knowing I’ve helped your cats, and made a good friend in the process, is one of the many wonderful things that have come out of The Conscious Cat. We’ll see you on Purrs!

  18. Dear Ingrid and Allegra,
    I am shocked and excited for you at the same time. I’ve found your site 3 years ago, and have learned so many things from your site. So many great suggestions for books that I have bought and read, great products on Amazon. I will have to follow you on Twitter as I am not on Facebook and please keep me on your Purrs of Wisdom. I will really miss you. Give Allegra a hug from me and Tasha. Enjoy your extra time and will look forward to seeing you on Twitter.
    Love and Hugs,
    Theresa & Tasha

  19. So glad I was able to be part of CC at the Beginning.
    Because of Stirfry, and a Book Signing, I made many friends on here.
    Most from all over the World, but a special few close by.
    I learned of other cats with extreme Tortitude and their adventures.

  20. It’s always hard to deal with change, but I know this is the right decision for you. As I was an avid fan of Street Cat Bob I always enjoyed your stories about him and James Bowen. I was very sad when Bob passed away but your columns on pet grief helped me. I will follow you to your new Purrs & wish you the best of luck!

  21. Wow! Congratulations and my very best wishes to you, Ingrid, on this new path. I’ve truly enjoyed learning through all that you have shared over the years. Such a difficult task to let go of this incredible thing you have built for so long. I look forward to what this becomes and to hearing more from you via Purrs. Thank you for all you’ve done!

  22. Congratulations and Best Wishes, Ingrid and Allegra, as you begin the next chapter in your lives.
    Your Conscious Cat has been a consistently reliable and enjoyable instrument of everything related to cats and cat behavior: Always interesting, informative and practical without being overtly commercial, and uniquely candid and sensitive.
    You personally, Ingrid, have shared many insights and personal feelings both at the onset of and during the continuing evolution of the Covid pandemic that mirrored and continue to reflect all of our fears, trepidations, and hopes—we’re Cat People! Of course, we believe in the joy of the present and future! For this, I thank and praise you.
    I have subscribed to the new Conscious Cat, as based on the select few others you have entrusted to write occasional columns or have shared links to (Veterinarians, Love and Above, Lap of Love & their nutritionists, David Michie , JacksonGalaxy, Womens Meditation Network, etc), I think you are a good judge of character and have chosen inheritors of integrity.
    Most important, I look forward to continuing to receive your “Purrs of Wisdom.”
    Warm Regards,

  23. This is both shocking and exciting to hear. You have been a staple in our lives since we met. Thrilled to hear you’re moving on and MOST importantly remaining with us in our lives with kitties. You’ve worked so hard and achieved so much, we look forward to continuing to “purr” with you in your latest adventure.
    Best to you Ingrid

  24. Ingrid… I will miss your Conscious Cat column…

    I have followed you since at least 2011. I hope you will still be on Facebook.

    I most certainly want to be on your email list. I’m happy you’ll continue with your Purrs of Wisdom.

    Lots of big changes for you…

    Tinker has a dental scheduled in a few minutes. Our kitties keep up busy. Best of luck on your new endeavors. Deb Many-Carson…

    • I will definitely still be on Facebook, and I’m happy you’ll follow us with Purrs. All my best to Tinker – I know it’s so hard when they have to go under anesthesia.

  25. Best to you on your new adventure! I can’t thank you enough in all the information you have shared! Looking forward to the next chapter!

  26. I am certain this was a very difficult decision for you, but I trust if you ultimately feel the new owners will do right by the Conscious Cat, it will be in good paws, so to speak. Slowing down sounds wonderful and I know Purrs of Wisdom will thrive under your loving care (with the help of Allegra). You have made the cat world significantly better – safer, more educated, and so much more and I am grateful for all you’ve done for our beloved feline friends.

    Take care and enjoy this next chapter in your life.

    xoxo – Deb and the Zee/Zoey gang

  27. Best wishes to you Ingrid. I have enjoyed reading and learned much from the Conscious Cat. I’m looking forward to Purrs of Wisdom.

  28. When I first started reading this, I was worried we would lose the purrsonal touch, especially your Allegra and Ruby posts. I can only imagine how much work it is for you to have new content every day. I am happy to hear you will continue some of the features we love on Purrs of Wisdom.

  29. Congrats and good luck to you. Thanks for posting the links. I did not follow the one on FB for some reason. I do now. I love your site and hearing about your kitties. Past and present.

  30. Thank you Ingrid, Allegra and Ruby for brightening and helping the lives of so many kitties and their humans. Happy new adventures! ❤️‍⬛

  31. So happy you will be taking time for yourself Ingrid! At this stage of life it is hard to let go but good to wind down. You have been with me through loss of four of my Girls. My final, Callie The Trouble Cat (18). I appreciate you and wish you best of times moving forward!

  32. Will miss The Conscious Cat! But all good things come to a end. Please put me on your new mailing list for Purrs &….

    Hopefully your new endeavor will be great too. Good Luck. See you at Purrs &…

    Grayson, Milo, Hamish & Nan

  33. I wish you the best. Thank you for teaching us about the cat problems for I have been a cat lover for years and still learning. Thank you you will be missed

  34. Ingrid – As of January of this year, I lost my shrink, primary care doctor, neurologist, and soon, my foot surgeon/doctor – all due to retirement. And now, I’m losing another regular in my life – Ingrid’s Conscious Cat and the ease of communication I had with the community. I didn’t feel I was missing much (not being on facebook) because I felt connected through the daily column. While I wish the new owner nothing but the best, I will miss what was.

    Best of luck, to you, Ingrid, on your new venture. I look forward to the new Purrs of Wisdom . Count me in. – Abby

  35. Oh that was a surprise but I wish you all the best with your new venture! Thank you SO much for the wonderful website and inspiration over the years….. I will of course follow you on ….. take care and love to you all xx

  36. Wow, this comes as such a shock – have been reading for so many years and can’t imagine you not heading up the site. But congrats on your new venture and will follow you there I really hope none of the old posts here disappear as I’ve really come to rely on them – which it sounds like they won’t based on your post! Best wishes and thank you for everything you’ve done here over the years.

    • The old posts will not disappear, Jessica, and you can always contact me via email through the new website if you ever have any questions. I look forward to “seeing” you on Purrs of Wisdom!

  37. Hello Ingrid, from Sydney, Australia.

    Your writings have helped me though the life and death (especially the grief of losing a beloved companion and family member) of some of my beloved cats; helping to understand my 3 legged Torbie, and how to help a frightened cat and kittens into a forever home.

    I am so glad you will still e posting about your beloved Allegra and Ruby, and we will still enjoy the advice and ideas from the Conscious cat.

    Thank you 1000 times, and set wishes into the future

    Much love


  38. You have been an incredibly kind and helpful person over the years. The Conscious Cat was the first blog and social media presence I encountered when I began to use the internet. I know that it’s in good hands because you wouldn’t be doing it otherwise. I’m extremely glad that you are still going to keep Purrs of Wisdom, we’ll hear from Allegra along with memories of Ruby. Sunday quotes are a favorite of ours. We wish you well and can never thank you enough for the wonderful work you put in over the years and how much you care about the community.

  39. Ingrid, you can’t know how much help, influence, and inspiration you’ve given our family, and to me personally as a first-time cat daddy, for the 9 years that we have been “made conscious” by you, Allegra, and Ruby. I have recently been thinking just how much work keeping up daily posts have been for you – for 13 years! I’m delighted that you are making a decision that will give you more flexibility in your personal life, and I applaud you. It’s great to know that The Conscious Cat will continue, but more importantly, that YOU will be continuing to share Purrs of Wisdom. We’ll be with you. Much love!

    • Thank you, Will. Making cat parents “conscious,” especially new ones like you were nine years ago, is why I do what I do. I’ll see you on Purrs of Wisdom!

  40. Hi Ingrid,
    I’m sure you have made the right decision after giving it so much thought.
    I would like to thank you heartfeltedly for your articles in the Conciouscat , which I have followed this last year. Your articles and photos have managed to make me smile, despite my grief. I came to this site after losing my best friend Bella (tortoiseshell) and discovering your article on Amber in relation to pet grief.
    I wish you all the very best as you walk down a different road, with your beautiful Allegra at your side.

  41. OMG! This was such a shock reading that you will no longer be the voice and face of The Conscious Cat..along with Allegra of course. But..if you are happy with everything, then I am happ for you and of course I will follow you to the Purrs of Wisdom. Thank you for many years of The Conscious cat…and for me and my Furkids personally I appreciate all the help and advice you always give. ..I k ow I benefitted a lot, along with my sweet kitties. Good luck Ingrid and I am wishing you all the best…see you over at Purrs xoxox

  42. Best wishes for your endeavor and thank you for all your devoted work for all of us cat lovers!

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