Want an easier way to review cat food? Grab my FREE cat food label cheat sheets! The exact formula I use to review food.

I’ve been studying pet food labeling and cat nutrition since 2017.

These cheat sheets boil down the most important points you need to review cat food.

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▶️ Picky cats transition guide


I create and sell super detailed cat care printables on Etsy.

These printables will help you stay on track with:
🥩 feeding routines
🚽 litter box maintenance
💊 medical records
♥️ likes and dislikes
and more!

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You can also buy my printables plus merch for you (including the shirt I’m wearing) on my Spring store linked below.

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✅ Resources
AAFCO label guide
FDA label guide
CRS Report for Congress on animal rendering
Worst ingredients list
Poisons in pet food

DISCLAIMER: You (and only you) are responsible for your cat. Nothing I say is medical advice. I earn a commission through affiliate links below. No additional cost to you.

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Best homemade cat food
Hare Today
Buy meat, bones, and organs chubs. Plus Alnutrin and fish oil supplements.

▶️ Homemade guide

Best complete frozen raw
Darwin’s – get 10 lbs of food for just $14.95
CKD diet – (not eligible for discount)

Best freeze-dried raw food
Steve’s Real Food (amazon)

Best wet food
Feline Natural (chewy) (only natural pet) (pets warehouse) (amazon)

There is no such thing as the “best dry food” because cats rely on food for moisture!

However, if your cat is super picky, and you need a better quality dry on your way to wet/raw…

Ziwi Peak air-dried is the lowest carb and best meat-based you will find. (chewy) (only natural pet) (pets warehouse) (amazon)

Need more options?
▶️ Check cat food reviews 🔽

The reviews list is in the description and includes 100+ records of all types of food available inside and outside the US.






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Best Cat Products Online (Complete Guide)


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⏰ Chapters:
0:00 Cat food label cheat sheet
0:29 Cat care printables sponsored by me
0:54 How to get the cheat sheet
1:17 Important label points
2:48 Product name rules
3:25 Ingredients to avoid
4:35 Guaranteed analysis
6:29 Manufacturer info
7:10 Cat food label example
8:34 Important! Cats are sensitive to food changes

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