Being a big brother brings big responsibilities. Just ask Boxer dog Obi. While he loves his best friend and human baby brother, Henrick, Obi knows this little bro needs lots of good guidance so he can grow up to be the best dog lover ever. But don’t let this pup fool you, he loves his job, and every picture of him posted on Instagram proves how much baby Henrick means to him.

You might recognize doggy big brother Obi as one half of the duo, Leia & Obi, the Two Boxers From Brooklyn. These two sweet pups share their fun adventures via social media, bringing joy to their almost fifteen thousand fans. But not so long ago, the Insta-famous duo became a trio with the addition of baby Henrick. And Obi is so proud of his big brother status.


Best Buds from The Start

When Allison first brought baby boy Henrick home from the hospital, like any new mom, she was worried about how the dogs would handle the new addition. But after a short while of observing baby Henrick from afar and assurances their mom had “things under control,” Allison’s good dogs proved to be the best big brother and sister, with Obi forming an extra special attachment to his brand new baby brother that has grown stronger with every passing day.

In an adorable video from The Dodo highlighting the touching relationship between a dog and his boy, Allison said of Obi, “He’s just his little guardian angel.”


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Because Obi assists with the baby duties, Allison says all the attention Obi lavishes on Henrick “kinda makes my job slightly easier in terms of entertaining baby.”


And Obi also seems to be teaching Henrick a thing or two, with their proud mom explaining, “I can’t help but think he’s learning things from his dogs.”

As we see in The Dodo video, Henrick is working on his howl with tips from Obi!


There to Support His Little Brother

On top of teaching and guarding, big brother Obi has also been there to witness and help with every one of Henrick’s milestones. From celebrating Henrick’s first birthday…


To the first time Henrick stood up, Nanny Obi” was there for support!

Watching Obi and Henrick makes Allison so happy, and as she shared, “I’m just embracing all of these amazing moments.”


About Henrick and Obi’s friendship, she said, “I can’t wait to see where it goes in the future.”

Keep up with Henrick, Obi, and Leia on Instagram, and watch the friendship grow! Want more sibling love? Check out Mighty Malamute Appoints Himself Bodyguard To Tiny Newborn Brother!

Feature Image: @twoboxersfrombrooklyn/Instagram

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