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As a house cat I don’t get to go outside on my own, unless I’m on a leash. This is due to killings of kitties in such a nasty way. Mum wants me very much alive.

I window watch mostly and mum2 build a catio for me!!!

Mum2 was building the catio and mum1 told her to put the parts of the catio on the grass, instead of holding the parts of the catio up and putting it together that way. Mum1 was right, as it fell on mum2 head. Much to the delight of mum1 who was laughing. I simply had my paws over my eyes shaking my head.

So, my catio is great but it has mesh so, I cant get out! I have the pleasure of having some magpies stalking me and tormenting me regularly. Just wish I had one chance with them!

Its been 2 years since I last caught a bird! I’ve been marking it off in the calendar in my head!

One day, I was in the catio watching the birds eating and thinking to myself how lovely it’ll be just to play with them! When all of a sudden a little bird flew into the hole in the mesh on my catio!! BINGO!

I jumped into action! I climbed the mesh, I’m sure it was like climbing mount Everest! Mum1 heard a racket, which was me attempting to catch this bird. I only wanted it to play with me!

Both mum1 and mum2 were desperately trying to find the keys to the catio to rescue the bird, but I thought they were their to help me not the bird! Mum2 told mum1 to get the catio key, so mum1 brings out the shed key (haha).

Eventually with my agility I caught the bird! I jumped through the window into the kitchen with the bird in my mouth. Mum1 pounced on me, I am sure shes been watching me on ‘how to pounce’!

She prized my mouth open and the bird was not moving. Mum1 gave the bird to mum2 and then mum1 checked me over as, apparently I was like a spiderman in the catio.

Mum2 checked the bird over, she gave it time to rest, gave it some water which it helped itself too and it flew away unharmed.

I was their thinking ‘there goes my prized toy’! It took 2 years for this to happen and it just didn’t go to plan. I was gentle so didn’t hurt the bird, I was just wanting to play…

So, maybe I wont get the opportunity ever again but I’ve learnt a few things from this:

  1. I have still got the moves of a panther!
  2. Mum1 cant find keys
  3. I’m gentle
  4. Birds are out of bounds

Maybe window watching isn’t so bad after all! Ill never see the bird again!

Us kitties will do what we do, which is our primal hunting instinct. That’s why I wasn’t told off, you cant tell a kitty off for simply doing what they are meant to do. Its in our genetics!


I’ve gone back to hunting my cat nip toys and mums feet! It’s simply a safer way of hunting.

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