Sarah tells a beautiful story about her dog Ranger. Ranger was found after his callous owners moved away and left him behind. He was taken to the animal control shelter where he was about to be put down because he had a contagious “doggy cold.”

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A volunteer named Kelsey stepped in and saved the dog just in time. Kelsey, who became Ranger’s foster mom, made a page for Ranger on Instagram to aid in his adoption. Sarah who follows rescue animals on social media saw Ranger and knew instantly that he was her soul dog, so she messaged Kelsey. To Sarah’s dismay, he had already been adopted by a local family, and Sarah, who lives in Canada, figured it wasn’t meant to be.

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Soon after, Kelsey messaged Sarah because Ranger was returned to her. The family didn’t want him anymore. Maybe this turn of events was proof that Ranger did belong with Sarah! The next step was to unite the pair but Sarah lives so far away!

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A plan had to be put in place and it wasn’t going to be easy. Would Sarah and Ranger finally form a family? Ranger needed someone to love him and Sarah was the perfect person but the journey wouldn’t be simple. To find out what happens next, scroll on down. It’s too good to miss… and we are pretty sure Ranger can speak! Check him out below and let us know if you pick up on what he’s saying. If so, please tell us in our comment section.

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