An abandoned dog was thrown over a high spiky fence that surrounded a church, but somehow the pup miraculously survived. The poor dog was stuck there, all alone, with no one to care for him. Thankfully he was spotted by a concerned citizen who reached out to a woman who rescues animals.


The woman was in awe when she saw the pup. He was filthy and matted. His coat must have weighed a ton! He just laid there, staring out from behind the fence, waiting for someone to save him. The rescuer had a background in gymnastics and was able to scale the fence. When the dog and rescuer came face to face, something amazing happened!


As the rescuer knelt down to give him a treat, he lifted his paw to say hello, and to give thanks. It’s the sweetest moment. The woman was amazed. How could this dog be so sweet and friendly despite what happened to him? If you know dogs, then you know the answer!


The pup’s story was posted to social media, and the most incredible thing happened next. Just wait til you see the pup’s transformation. It’s awesome! Does the deserving dog get his happily ever after? See for yourself!

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