Does your Chihuahua have chronic kidney disease? You’re not alone. Members of our I Love My Chihuahua Facebook community recently shared their insights on the following question: What food would you recommend for a Chihuahua with kidney disease? We received hundreds of helpful replies and below have compiled some of the best responses.
Always remember to consult your veterinarian before making any health changes to your chihuahua’s diet, especially if the suffer from chronic kidney disease (CKD). iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links below may be affiliate links where we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

30 Best Dog Foods for a Chihuahua with Chronic Kidney Disease

Boil chicken no salt mix with cooked rice add unsalted green beans. My last Chi, died from kidney failure and heart murmur. Passed in my arms. I have 2 more senior chis. Did get her fluids at vets till they couldn’t do it anymore. Fed what I stated and sometimes water by a small syringe. Good luck and god bless your baby.

Author: Susan O J.

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Just Food For Dogs has a renal formula. While my dog hasn’t had that particular version. She’s likes the others. The Hills prescription is junk.

Author: Linda D.

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I used the Royal canin renal dog food…some dry and wet food mixed together for my boy and he loved it.

Author: Lisa S.

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Freshpet chicken is the best for my chihuahuas. I also cooked up some turkey meat and chicken. They loved all of them but they won’t eat anything else.

Author: Kathy B.

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I Used to Feed My Bobby Boy Science Diet Kibbles Sensitive Stomach or Canned Sensitive Stomach Salmon & Vegetables

Author: Dawn P.

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My yorkie has kidney disease and she is on hills low fat I/d pate….canned food. That’s all she can handle. Any sort of kibble gives her upset stomach and diarrhea

Author: Donna B.

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I don’t know about kidney disease in chihuahuas. I had 2 other dog with different problems. I met someone told me there dog had the same issues as mine. Told me to try a duck and rice. I use to buy it my dogs started to do really well. I used Wellness When it was owned by Old Mother Hubbard. It was in a blue bag. I was told Old Mother Hubbard has since sold to a new owner and I am not sure who owns them. Been years since I had to buy it. I would contact some different dog food companies and talk to them. The food was expensive back in the day. Also ask your vet about cooking chicken for them.

Author: Ed G.

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My Marilyn suffers from this. She is 17 years old, will not eat the prescription dog food. I have to cook for her fresh rice, boiled chicken, and some vegetables. She gets tired of the food and will not eat it. She’s nothing but skin and bones. She is so picky. It’s unbelievable right now she is going on 32 hours without food, I’m thinking it’s time to let her go…

Author: Gloria S.

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I have a chihuahua that doesn’t have anything yet but she is older. I have always given her the best food that I can and she has not ever been I’ll. Even though she likes her food, I am going to try a new one for her. They now think it is better if they eat raw food and it is freeze dried so it is easy to keep too. I am going to try Dr. Marty’s. I don’t know if it will work for your dog or not but I just got one to try. You can find it on FACEBOOK.

Author: Barbara M.

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Which one did your vet suggest? I have a female with Kidney Disease. She eats Royal Canin Renal Support. She loves the loaf hates the one in gravy.

Author: Holly G.

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We have gone through this with our senior dogs when they became ill. One of ours is such a picky eater that his appetite changes from day today…..we try to make his food …usually by cooking turkey or chicken meat and adding whatever veggie he might like. Sometimes he eats sometimes he doesn’t. We just keep on trying. We have to make it bland because of his illness and I know he gets tired of it but the vet says he will not starve to death as long as we keep trying. He will no longer eat the processed dog food that the vet recommends ……good luck and I wish I could help with a food idea that works all the time…..

Author: Bobby A.

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My dog refused to eat the hill brand. I had to have the vet write me an rx for another brand. Tried that and she wouldn’t eat that either. I ended up making my own dog food and adding supplements. She passed 2 years after diagnosis. I lost her August 15th and her mate with a heart condition on August 25th. Completely destroyed me.

Author: Lisa Y.

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Mine had kidney stones and the vet put him on Royal Canin for kidneys.

Author: Callie S.

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My lil’ one eats Cesar food which cost me about $1.48 a can. She likes it and her Caser treats too

Author: Debra M H.

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My dog has Addison’s Disease and she will only eat Purina Dog Chow. The Hills Science Diet the vet gave her she wouldn’t touch.

Author: Maria J S.

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Have you tried Halo. That’s what my Vet suggested and it comes in small breed bite size and all natural. My kids love it. I have 2 and I’m on a delivery plan from Petco, 10# every other month. They do not eat nearly as much and NEVER miss a meal

Author: Chelle B.

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I give mine prescription hills KD chicken & fresh pet (chicken & turkey in the tube) he loves it & is doing well

Author: Carol S.

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Have a picky senior chihuahua with stomach issues and very few teeth. He eats boiled shredded chicken, wild brown rice, and mixed veggies. Sometimes, I will dizzle a little (very little) bacon drippings on it to give him a little flavor. Kidney failure takes down healthy pets fast and is very painful for them. I have had three fur babies that made the decision to spare them the pain. It is a horrible thing to have to do.

Author: Madeline Lee R.

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My 13 year old Chi is on Hills Kidney Care, it is low protein. She is getting pickier and I add a little Ultra Pet Nutra Complete Freeze dried. Good luck!!!

Author: Beverly S.

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Blue Buffalo has a kidney diet I had some luck with.

Author: Yvette Marie S.

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Square pet Low Phosphorus.

Author: Ashlee L.

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My Chihuahua mix was diagnosed with it grade 2 at 15 1/2 and I had to put her to sleep at 18 year old. I refused to give her the specialty dry food. I found Dr Harvey free dry Caine something mix with cooked chicken because that’s the only meat she would eat. Dr Harvey also has a supplement in powder. Since my dog was blind and deaf I gave her CBD oil. Hope you can find what you are looking for

Author: Amy S.

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Yes. Mine has tumor on bladder! She eats Hill’s Science diet KD. Beef and vegetables and Chicken and vegetables canned food! Loves it! Also takes medicine in mornings. Doing awesome and loves the food

Author: Mariam Mcgalliard V.

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My wife makes all fresh you take one can of corn peas green beans carrots rinse and drain good they get two 1 oz scoops and whatever protein 1 oz ground beef chicken or beef liver they have thrived for the last year and they love it

Author: Gary V.

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Dr. Marty’s is good my Chi loves it and she. Is sooo fussy about her food

Author: Pat T.

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I have had one. You must find things that are low in phosphate that they will eat. It’s not really protein that is bad. Try baked chicken livers and also google green tripe. It’s kind of yuck in its own way but dogs can’t resist it. It’s very tasty and good for their stomach. It comes formulated in cans just like wet dog food. My dog snubbed even the soft KD diet food. Get fish oil. But a little on their food. Makes things tasty. But my pup would eat those 2 things. It prolonged his life because if they don’t eat it’s a big problem. Make sure your vet gives you any nauseous pills. Sometimes they don’t eat due to that issue.

Author: Poppy S.

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I was making her chicken in addition to Blue Buffalo kidney support kibbles. I recently started giving her Farmer’s Dog, but I leave the kibbles out for her and she does eat them here & there. I also take her to her vet for fluids 3 times a week. She was diagnosed like 20 months ago and still with us and doing good.

Author: Cynthia B.

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I have 3 senior chihuahuas and after having to boil chicken and rice at least once a week bc one or another was having tummy issues plus my boy has a heart murmur, i started making homemade dog food. I make enough for 3 days at a time. I use rice and i put cooked chicken and frozen veggies (fresh when available) in my chopper (one does not have many teeth) and it takes me about 10 mins in total now. I was recently telling our vet what i’ve been doing and she said as long as i dont skip any grains, and with the rice i’m not, she’s on board with fresh food. They’re all doing much better with this. You could look up kidney healthy diet for chihuahuas online or check with your veterinarian. Fresh food will automatically have less sodium if you stick with chicken and use fresh or frozen veggies, never canned bc of the high sodium content. For anyone interested, i found tiny frozen sweet potato cubes at walmart recently and sometimes i give them one to snack on or add it to their food. It’s a good complex carb for them and us and high in fiber which helps with those anal glands.

Author: Lori A.

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Mind eats almost anything but her main source is Fresh Pet for small dogs the soft kibble not the log or loose food. She tried this and loves it she will walk by and may pick up a piece of two the next time I hear her bark and she’s eaten it all (give her 1/4 cup at a time. Also give her an ounce or two of chicken or cheese whatever leftovers I think she like. Carrots are her favorite.

Author: Jim C.

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Go get some fresh beef liver or turkey liver and feed it to the dog raw. No chicken or foods with preservatives. Dogs need raw meats, prebiotic, and omega 3’s, which you can get from raw salmon. You will see a difference.

Author: Brenda Haynes B.

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In conclusion, managing chronic kidney disease in chihuahuas is crucial for their long-term health and well-being. Selecting the best dog food tailored to your pet’s specific needs can significantly improve their quality of life. Opt for diets low in phosphorus and high-quality proteins, with added omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and essential vitamins. Consult with a veterinarian for personalized recommendations for your chihuahua, and always transition your pet’s diet gradually. By providing the appropriate nutritional support, you can help manage your dog’s kidney disease and ensure they continue to lead a happy, healthy life.

iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links above may be affiliate links where we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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