You Can Participate in Dog Aging Studies

Researchers with the Dog Aging Project are examining how a dog’s genetics, environment, and lifestyle influence how dogs age. They are currently recruiting dogs from all over the United States to participate in a community science studies – some of which can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Further, dogs who are enrolled in the Dog Aging Project may be eligible to participate in the Dog Aging Project’s Trial of Rapamycin in Aging Dogs (TRIAD) study. The Washington State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital (WSUVTH) is a participating partner in this study, which is being designed to determine whether rapamycin increases the lifespan of companion dogs. A secondary purpose is to determine whether rapamycin improves various measures of health in aging dogs.

If they pass the screening exam, dogs will then be randomly assigned to receive either rapamycin or a placebo for one year. Enrolled dogs will need to return to the WSUVTH in Pullman, Washington, every six months for a three-year period. At each return visit, physical exam, blood pressure, sample collection, ECG, and echocardiogram will be repeated. After that, owners must be willing to take their dogs to their primary care veterinarian once per year for an additional two years of study follow-up.

We will be looking forward with great interest to the results of these studies. Rapamycin seems to have many benefits to offer our dogs – and any increase of our time with them would be extremely welcome.

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